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A web browser or Internet browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

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How to print a php variable to the browser's console?

So within administrator function. echo("<script>console.log('PHP: " . $data . "');</script>"); It seems it doesn't insert the js script on the page. This works from a ...
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CSS Change won't apply - Where could the cache be?

I've encountered a strange problem that I've never seen before. I edited a CSS file and uploaded it to my server. From my hosting's file manager, I can see the file is updated. But in my local ...
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Invalid JSON response in JCE File Browser

Since I updated the JCE editor to the 2.5.16 version I've been unable to upload files via the File Browser. It always popup an alert window displaying: The server returned an invalid JSON response ...
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Why am I not seeing current content in my frontend and backend?

I am using a templated Joomla3 system (Joomla version 3.4.8) and have one problem that's causing disfunctionality to the whole site. The problem persists in the backend as well as on the frontend. I ...
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Can't change user settings in backend as a Super User

I sometimes need to change the settings (i.e the usergroup) of a user via the User Manager in the Joomla backend. Before, I remember I could easily achieve this by changing the fields required and ...
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Joomla logout When browser close

I want to log out my joomla website when browser close event occurs. I think joomla logout only works when clear session Please help me.
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Any Chance of JApplicationWebClient constants changing in the future?

I'm building a component that store info about the client and it stores only the numbers of the JApplicationWebClient constants instead the browser name, system name, etc, . But if the constants ...
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Pictures/site are not showing properly in versions of IE lower than 10 with Bootstrap template

I stumbled across a strange thing. The site I develop uses the Bootstrap Framework. Recently the friend, for which I make the site, pointed out that the pictures on one of the pages are extremely ...
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