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Questions tagged [browser-detection]

Detecting the type and version of the browser the user uses to view the webpage.

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1 answer

How to get the name of the browser

We're getting an integer with : JFactory::getApplication()->client->browser; Is there a way to get the browser name?
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3 answers

What is the best practice to detect screen width on server-side?

I have a module that outputs 1 item by default, in its help.php file, there is something like $items = 1; $db->setQuery($query, 0, $items) Now I want to detect if users' screen width is less than ...
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Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? Browser popup to avoid accidental tab closure while editing

Is there a way to force my browser (Chrome) when I edit (JCE) an article on frontend to display a message preventing accidental tab closure or redirection? I often make that mistake on to close a ...
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Joomla browser detection

Can we create a thorough question/answers post with the core methods that allow browser detection in Joomla 2.5 and 3 ? After a quick research in the web, I feel that there is not sufficient ...
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