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Bootstrap is a front-end framework from Twitter designed to kick-start development of webapps and sites.

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JHtml::_('bootstrap.renderModal',,,); Joomla Bootstrap List of all parameters that can be used?

First I want to thank @Lodder and @Irfan for the below code which helped out a lot. The code below will create a button that launches a native Joomla Bootstrap modal. $modalTitle = 'myModal'; $...
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Responsive Navbar disappears on click / should stay open

I am building a Joomla and T3 Framework Template based website. Since I am having the Navbar not in it's native position (On Top), I had to come up with a work around. I am using two Menu Modules of ...
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How can I prevent dropdown.min.js from loading on the front end of my website?

dropdown.min.js is conflicting with the way I have my menu set up in my Joomla 4 website, but I can't disable it entirely because the back end of the website needs it. How can I keep it enabled for ...
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Joomla 4 alpha display modal with insert image button

I am developing a custom module in Joomla4 alpha, using a bootstrap rendered modal window so that the user of the component will assign images from media in the Joomla back end to the extension ...
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Menu has > symbol

My bottom menu in the footer position has a greater than symbol (>) or chevron that appears before every menu item. The menu appears at the footer of this website: I ...
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How to link to external file that contains a link to the Boostrap stylesheet and another for the js files

I have several Joomla 3.9 websites now using Bootstrap 4x - currently v4.1.3. In the head of the index.php file for each website is this link: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://stackpath....
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How the contact form label bootstrap tooltip popup onhover message position can be modified?

I am building a website, and I would like to modify the CSS position for this floating box message that is displayed when the mouse pointer is hovered over a form field label. How can it be achieved?...
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Add click event on bootstrap tab?

How to add an onClick event on Joomla bootstrap tabs. echo JHtml::_('bootstrap.startTabSet', 'myTab', array('active' => 'monday')); echo ...
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Bootstrap Dropdown Navigation Toggle Not Working with native Joomla jQuery

I'm trying to implement a Bootstrap menu with a toggle dropdown on a Joomla site. Got most of it working except for the toggle isn't working...Looking at inspect tool when .dropdown element is ...
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Casseiopa template - Bootstrap Carousel

I am trying to display a carousel in an article using the bootstrap code. This is a new Joomla 4 install using the casseiopa template. Here is my code: <div class="d-flex justify-content-...
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Button in the Joomla Toolbar should open a Modal Confirm Window

I work on a Joomla Site View for my component with content which can be unlocked via points. In this thread I fixed my controller problem already, so now I have a simple button, and if I press it, the ...
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Other files overriding my template css with bootstrap?

I have a strange problem with one of my homepages. I changed the font-family and font-size in my Joomla Template (JM Guesthouse by Joomla Monster) and nothing happened. After some minutes playing with ...
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Why can't I use a modal close button in the Joomla! modal body?

I have managed to get front end editing opening in a modal. Which is pretty useful in my opinion. However the cancel button is irrelevant in this situation. In the normal operation it cancels ...
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Dropdown Menu Items "Re-Close" Without Hover

On the Joomla 3.3.1 site I have running at, the only dropdown menu that I have is experiencing a very odd problem, it's hard to explain. When the menu is clicked, it does not pop up ...
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