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Joomla uses the Alias to create Search Friendly URLs

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Joomla 4 - Check if Alias is Unique

I'm trying to develop a Joomla 4 component and I almost completed it, but I have issues to save an item when the Alias is not Unique. In the database, I've set up this: CREATE UNIQUE INDEX aliasindex ...
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Joomla 3.x routing and slug problem

I have 1 component with 2 views - default is view1 - secondary is view2. When I associate it with the menu from the backend, Joomla creates the correct url with alias for SEO. Example: www.sitename....
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"Temporarily Unavailable" message when a menu alias contains "contact"

One of the websites we manage, , recently started having a problem with menu aliases containing "contact" as a substring: clicking the menu just brings up an empty page that ...
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