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How to override layout files properly

In Joomla 3.x we can use the JLayout class to override the files located in ROOT/layouts folder According to this doc! all we need to do ...
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Override MVC classes in Joomla 3

Is there anyway to override MVC classes in Joomla 3? I have found this thread but it is for Joomla 2.5. How to override core classes? I have done MVC overrides in Joomla 2.5 successfully but now I ...
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How to override helper file in template?

I did some modifications and added some extra functions in the file /components/MY_COMPONENT/helper/MYFILE.php What should I do to not lose these modifications in a future component update?
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Can I use HTML overrides to override a file located in /components/administrator/componentname/helper/?

I know these are the core files of the component and I don't want to change them directly. So I'm looking for some way, like OpenCart's VQMod, to create an override, can I use HTML overrides for that ...
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How to override the mod_k2_tools helper function?

I'm trying to understand how to override the helper.php found in /joomla_site/modules/mod_k2_tools because it is not a component but a module, and it is not the controller, because the controller is ...
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Can anyone explain the tp=1 process?

Can someone please explain the process behind tp=1 for the mod positions preview , I found the module output which is called from templates/system/html/module.php function modChrome_outline(...) ...
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Disabling Joomla Unique Email Functionality

I am tring to override Joomlas function to not allow duplicate email addresses. I know the security issues surrounding this but its I will have to have users with the same email address. My users are ...
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How to override an administrator template file that's included on the frontend?

A component is using include to load an administrator form in the front-end so users can fill it out and submit content. I'd like to override that form, but it doesn't appear to be possible from my ...
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Overriding a plugin's non-templated layout files?

I've been trying to figure out how to do this, but nothing seems to really work: I want to override the results/pagination renderers from ZOOFilter which I know is in /plugins/system/zoofilter/...
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Override JHtml core function select.radiolist

I want to override the output of the select radiolist. I can hack the core, but I'm not really fond of doing that in relation to updates. So i checked out a system plugin to override the JHTMLselect ...
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How to remove specific articles from blog view using a plugin custom code. Its possible? How?

I would like to prevent some specific articles from being shown on com_content blog view and featured articles view. For example, if the article has a specific ID that I seted on code like "27" he ...
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Change priority of loading Joomla core class and custom core class overrides

I would like to know in Joomla framework, there is a way to change priority loading some Joomla core classes after using JLoader::register() method in a system plugin developed to override Joomla core ...
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Override component class?

I've been googling this and haven't found anything that does the job. I have a component and I want to override some output text from the following location: administrator/components/com_mycomp/...
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helper file overrider is not working

I am trying to override the helper file of XYZ component and for this I have created a system plugin using these documentation - and How to ...
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