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using ajax inside a component without using com_ajax? [duplicate]

I making a practice component and i would like to try make an ajax search . Inside my component i made 2 methods. Method search() and searchRes(). The first has the html form for the search bar and ...
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Where to store php files used for an Ajax request in a custom component [duplicate]

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Simple AJAX call to a component giving 403 (Forbidden) error

Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to Joomla and web-development, so I probably am making a dumb beginner mistake. So far I've worked through much of the MVC tutorial in the Joomla documentation, and I've ...
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Writing custom method to save form data

I am trying to find the preferred way to save form data using joomla API methods. I am trying to save data with an ajax-call. First i tried just calling the components standard save method, calling: ...
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How to retrieve data from the Joomla DB via jQuery.ajax without controller

I need to retrieve some data from #__virtuemart_order_histories in templates/active_tmpl/html/com_virtuemart/orders/details_history.php via jQuery.ajax. I know that I can do it with a new &task= ...
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Joomla AJAX request

I'm developing a Joomla component where I have a treeview in the sidebar with the content of a database table. When clicking a node of this sidebar I want to show the children nodes in the main part ...
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Run function in com_content with ajax - doesn't call it correctly

I've been following this tutorial to make an AJAX login form: But I can't get it to work. The ajax call doesn't work. It gives ...
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Prevent Redirect on Joomla.submitform when submitting by custom function (JToolBarHelper::custom)

So i created a custom button in the toolbar of my joomla-administration component. I want it to do something in the background but NOT to redirect to another page. Unfortunately, it always redirects ...
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joomla make a ajax request for another php file

Excuse me for my English. I'm a newbie in joomla. I make a phone book component and i wanna add a Ajax pagination. I've got Jquery function load_data where i put a url to my php page. And this is ...
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How to use Ajax to display K2 items in Tabs [closed]

I have k2 categories, and on a category page, I need to implement the following logic: Loop through tabs Retrieve items that match category (note: I have additional categories extension in k2) ...
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Is there a way to make a light weight ajax call in Joomla?

I want to make a lightweight ajax call in Joomla ( all I need is basically a php script that makes a curl call). Currently, we're doing this in components controller tasks (com_home, com_widgit, etc). ...
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Downloading large data sets

My site has a facility to download a potentially large body of data from my database as a CSV file. This is currently implemented using a view.csv.php file that serves this data by first setting the ...
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How do I migrate AJAX interface from 1.5 to 3.x for mobile App

I'm updating a website selling online services that has a complimentary App acting as a mobile front end to the Joomla v1.5 CMS. The App communicates via a component (com_mobile) using JSON data ...
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