Using Protostar template for website under construction www.wilddusk.com. Want to have top banner (means part of where I have uploaded logo) removed just from home page as the client insists that the same will relieve upper space to display image sliders prominently from the top.

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For a quick and dirty solution, try hiding it using CSS. Protostar adds a unique class to your <body> tag based on the item-id of your current page.

Try adding this CSS:

body.itemid-101 header {
  display: none;

On a side note, you should be carefull when using the default Protostar template, because it's part of core Joomla and could be overwritten when you update Joomla. It's safer to make a copy of the template before modifying it.


To remove a module on a specific page, open it via the Module Manager in the Joomla backend.

Then, under the Menu Assignment tab, you can select which pages it does and doesn't appear on.


try adding this component it has many filtering options for the modules display https://www.nonumber.nl/extensions/advancedmodulemanager

  • Did not check to implement your idea as the client has changed his need. Nevertheless, idea behind development of this component seems too innovative. Commented May 31, 2015 at 7:22

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