This might a simple question, I've Model State variable set in my Model. When I "print_r" it in view. It provides following output:

JObject Object
    [_errors:protected] => Array

    [task] => 
    [request.id] => 3
    [params] => Joomla\Registry\Registry Object
            [data:protected] => stdClass Object
                    [path] => /media/com_helpdesk/files/

            [separator] => .


I can access 'task', 'params' variable in my view.html.php as follows:

echo $this->get('State')->params

my question is, How can I access "request.id" variable in similar way.

i.e. echo $this->get('State')->request.id

Above is (of course) not working due to additional ". (dot)".

Please note that this question is not duplicate of From the model, how I can access the data retrieved in the view? as I am trying to print variable with "dot" operator


You should use get function of the state object (object of JObject class)

$state = $this->get('State');
$requestId = $state->get('request.id', 0);

second parameter is default value to return in case no value exist in state object with given first parameter.

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