In my site logs folder when i open error.php, i see lots of records per line as one is look like this -

2014-04-03  22:35:54    INFO Joomla FAILURE:     Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.

What does that mean actually as i never had to deal with logs in joomla. As far as i get, most probably someone tried to access my admin login and joomla logged it, is a hacking attempt? if it is, then the above IP banning is sufficient?


It doesn't necessarily mean someone has tried to login into the backend. Simply means someone has tried to

  • Login to the frontend or backend
  • On the 3rd April 2014
  • At 10:35pm
  • From this IP address:

If you login to your server control panel (if you have one), you can check the raw logs. If you filter by the IP address given, and find a result, it will show you the URL they tried to access.

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