I've installed FullAjax plugin and I need to disable it for all the pages except the page with some parameter something like:

if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'view=orders&layout=details') !== false) {
// enable plugin for this page
} else {
// disable plugin for all other pages

The options Ignore menu items and Do not use FullAjax on in plugin configurations don't suite because many pages don't have menu items but I need to disable the plugin on them too

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The pages I need to disable the plugin for are pages of single VM orders that are being generated every time when a shopper make an order so it's impossible to create menu items for these pages. At the same time I've already found the following solution:

to open plugins/system/addfullajax/addfullajax.php, find the condition that starts from the row 90:

if(get_class($doc) != 'JDocumentHTML'

and to comment this condition including the row:

} elseif($this->nedAjaxRespons) {

and below to write our new condition:

if($app->input->get('option') == 'com_virtuemart' && $app->input->get('view') == 'orders') {

and to comment the row 155:

//$this->axJsAllowed = true;

and copy-past this row before the end of our condition


Then create fake menu item for page in question, and refer to it in plugin config. I always create fake menu called "Virtual menu" for similar menu items which are not to be shown in any menu on front-end, but help in many cases.

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