When I Defer mootools-more.js jquery.min.js in joomla i start to get errors from javascript. Is there a way to add something to a javascript that after defer the script work normaly? I know there is a good extensions JCH_Optimizer, but i am Nginx user, and gzip_static is on. When i Turn on JCH_Optimizer it will add for me unwonted ttfb because of gziping all the js/css files. With gzip_static on; i get way more faster server response time.

  • Why are you trying to defer Mootools and jQuery?
    – Lodder
    Apr 24 '15 at 10:12
  • I resolve all the problems that was slowing down my website manualy just cant get rid of defer java script gtmetrix.com/reports/www.ekavet.com/oa7eUnrr
    – Donatas
    Apr 24 '15 at 10:17
  • See this and this
    – Lodder
    Apr 24 '15 at 10:20
  • Its a 3rd party extensions that i dont want to use. I prefer to do it manualy. And how to defer javascript in joomla i do know:)
    – Donatas
    Apr 24 '15 at 10:25
  • 1
    There is a way, however it requires a core hack, so I'm not even going to mention it.
    – Lodder
    Apr 24 '15 at 10:27

My answer won't directly answer your question, but will address the concerns of many. The Google PageSpeed Insights is a good tool - however, it is too good, and it requires perfection, which is very seldom achieved on real websites. Case in point: YouTube.com has a score of 54 for desktop, and is failing on mobile. Amazon.com has a score of 50 on mobile and 60 on desktop. Twitter.com has a score of 60 for mobile, and 37 for desktop. We are talking about 3 super major websites here.

Google.com gets a score of a 100, but that is because it is returning a 503 error to the tool, and is asking for a verification code.

I'm not saying that one should completely ignore the score and the advices of Google PageSpeed Insights, but what I recommend is that people shouldn't take it extremely seriously. A score of 80 (even 70) is good, as score of 85 is wow. If you're at the point where you are breaking your website just to make sure you have a good score, then maybe you have gone too far...

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