I have a question about Seblod. I am using an email field to submit customer requests. I am trying to format the Email as HTML so the agent can easily read it.

While this generally works, I have 2 problems with it.

  1. I added a textarea field (not WYSIWYG). I configured this field to replace newlines with paragraphs (<p>), when I enter a message with several lines, then in the email they end up as one line. The new lines are just removed, no paragraphs are visible.

  2. Similarly, I have added a checkbox field with several options. There is a separator field that contains a comma , by default. I tried to replace it with <br/> but that not allowed. I am also looking for a way to separate the content with newlines or list items or paragraphs in the email.

Currently I have inserted the fields in the email like this:


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    Have you tried other HTML-tags ? Maybe something is preventing the use of HTML at all. – Nils Rückmann Feb 23 '15 at 12:47

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