I am new to joomla, want to implement two calenders in a page ...

 From : 
    echo JHTML::calendar('sch_from', 'sch_from', '%Y-%m-%d');
 To :
    echo JHTML::calendar('sch_to', 'sch_to', '%Y-%m-%d');

But first calendar only working... is there any issue in code?

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The arguments you have supplied is wrong.

The function has implemented with following arguments:

public static function calendar($value, $name, $id, $format = '%Y-%m-%d', $attribs = null) 

It should be like this:

JHTML::calendar('', 'sch_from', 'sch_from', '%Y-%m-%d');
JHTML::calendar('', 'sch_to', 'sch_to', '%Y-%m-%d');

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