I have 4 module positions, which based on the number of modules I'd like to resize the column width. I've written the following, but it's only setting them all to col-md-12. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?


        $bottom-col-width == "col-md-12";
    elseif($this->countModules('bottom-a') && $this->countModules('bottom-b'))
            $bottom-col-width == "col-md-6";
    elseif($this->countModules('bottom-a') && $this->countModules('bottom-b') && $this->countModules('bottom-c'))
            $bottom-col-width == "col-md-4";
    elseif($this->countModules('bottom-a') && $this->countModules('bottom-b') && $this->countModules('bottom-c') && $this->countModules('bottom-d'))
            $bottom-col-width == "col-md-3";
  • Read your code precisely. if bottom-a then width is col-md-12 elseif.... When module bottom-a exists, the elseif will not even be checked. Your first condition is true, so the if-clause ends here... so the next elseif's are ignored. – COBIZ webdevelopment Apr 1 '15 at 20:13

These if statements wont work. Imagine if there is module in positions bottom-b and bottom-c. Even if you would reverse if statements, none of those wont match.

To achieve what you want, if statements would be too complicated.

Rather do it like this:


// Default width - for one column
// This gets new value, if there is more than one active position
$bottomColWidth = "col-md-12";

// Number of positions, which have modules
$countOfActivePositions = 0;

// Positions to search modules in
$positions = array('bottom-a', 'bottom-b', 'bottom-c', 'bottom-d');

// Loop over every position
foreach ($positions as $position) {
  // If position has modules
    // Increase active positions count

if($countOfActivePositions > 1){
  $bottomColWidth = "col-md-".(12 / $countOfActivePositions);


This would work in every combination possible.

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