I have a form with dynamic fields. some items contain this input fields, some don't.

Here is my code for the XML :

$field = '<field name="id_'.$filter_record['id'].'_from" type="text"
                        label="From" description="'.$filter_record['name'].'"
                         size="'.$filter_record['holdout'].'" format="%Y-%m-%d"
                        class = "datefrom"      
                        filter="user_utc" />

as you can see, I have a size attribute there which contains a dynamic value. Now when I want to use the data-holdout in the front-end,

using this code:

var x = jQuery(".datefrom").data("holdout");

when I alert the value of x it says undefined.

How should I add the custom attribute for it to be seen in the front page?


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The JFormField of Type Text does not support the data-* attribute, so your line


in your XML file won't have any effect on your input text HTML element, ie your input element won't have a data-holdout="7" attribute and .data("holdout"); will return undefined on that element.

With a custom JFormField you can support all attributes that you need. Here is a tutorial how to build a custom JFormField: https://docs.joomla.org/Creating_a_custom_form_field_type

By the way: JFormFieldText (which you are using through 'type="text"' in your XML) does not support the format attribute either. You should probably have a look at the calendar form field type.

  • Msg by Dean "@fruppel that's pretty standard behavior with most frameworks to assign custom attributes on form elements. It's pretty heavy for very mundane task like this to create a custom JFORM element for something simple. "
    – TryHarder
    Mar 17, 2016 at 23:53

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