I am a Drupal developer and now I am trying to create web using Joomla.

What I need to do:

  • Create new content type "Product"
  • Create few fields to content types - e.g. price
  • Create order form which is visible only on Product pages
    • Text field in form with default value - actual url

What is the best way and best plugins to accomplish these tasks?

I have tried Seblod - I can create new content types, fields and forms but I don't know how to show the form just on product pages.

Thank you for your help!


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You are probably looking for a CCK extension and there are plenty of free and paid options available:


A forms extension such (e.g. ChronoForms) may work equally well in this case:


Custom Fields will be added to Joomla in version 3.7 which is due for imminent release.


I reviewed this question as it was "bumped to the homepage by Community" ... and felt that we certainly have to mention now the new Joomla core feature of custom fields (com_fields) that allows to extend Joomla core components and potentially 3rd party ones, with custom fields.

So even the core articles could be turned to products content items.

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