I 'm writing a listView's default layout for my component in which I 'm implementing Joomla's publish & unpublished feature in which user can publish an item on single click on check box. I am little confused about statement of getting user authentication for $canChange given below:

$canCheckin = $user->authorise('core.manage', 'com_checkin') || $item->checked_out == $userId || $item->checked_out == 0;

can any body tell me way we authenticate user against com_checkin.?

secondly I think it is wrong, this should be like following:

$canCheckin = $user->authorise('core.manage', 'com_my_component') && $item->checked_out==$user->id || $item->checked_out==0;

In the above code I authenticate user against my component to make sure if user authorise for check_in, also I check if the the item is not checked to other user for editing

now the question is where is am I wrong and if I am right then why com_content authenticate user against com_checkin


com_checkin is a special component which allows user to check in all items in all components, clear the cache and purge the expired cache.

So when you authenticate a user against com_checkin you are making sure that this user has right to check in this item (if he has manage rights then he can check in any items).

  • okey sir thanks but i'm still confused what is the benefit of authenticating user against com_checkin though we can do same by authenticating manage authority against com_my_component.? Mar 16 '15 at 5:50
  • You can do it in your component if you will create a special access rule like item.checkin in it. Otherwise you should check this for com_checkin. Mar 16 '15 at 9:29

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