I need to add a custom button to the toolbar inside of a system plugin, near 'save', 'save & close' and 'close' buttons. How can I achieve it?


You can add custom button by working on event onAfterRender() and add your html/js code in the content.

Below is a sample code snippet you can add your code in this one.

function onAfterRender()
        $option = Jfactory::getApplication()->input->get('option', '');
        if($option != 'com_config'){
            return true;

        // Only render for HTML output
        if (JFactory::getDocument()->getType() !== 'html' ) { return; }

        //ADD HTML and JavaScript for your custom button
        $html = '';

        $body = JFactory::getApplication()->getBody(false);
        $body = str_replace('</body>', $html.'</body>', $body);
        return true;

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