I am creating a website which should have a simple database. Administrator can add the data and anyone can search it. It should have a simple user interface integrated into site design. The world of databases seems dazzling with number of platform choices and as a Joomla amateur I know nothing about databases and am looking for direction. Am I going to need MySQL knowledge? Using an extension?

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With Joomla, in order to insert custom content into the database, you will need to develop a custom component doing exactly what you want to do. This requires database knowledge as well as PHP and Joomla extension developing knowledge. You will find tutorials in the official Joomla documentation.


Basic database knowledge would help, but if you leverage a component creator you don't have to be a database guru. Component creators allow you to design your component through a series of forms and then they build a component for you. For simple project you can use it right out of the box, so to speak. I use Component Creator, but there are several out there.

I suggest a google search for "joomla component builder".


You can easily create databases these days with software on your server that can help you like phpmyadmin. some of them you don't even need to know MySQL and just with a couple of buttons you've done it. Now certainly if your DB is large and you want your work to be professional, then you need to tweak and normalize your DB. Which will help eliminate data redundancy and firing a search query would not waste resources and be fast as possible. But in your case as this being Simple DB no need to figure this out now (But it's recommend and won't hurt learning about it).

Your question would have been clearer if you explained more about what will your DB include. Anyway after you create your DB you can need to create a PHP file that will handle the query and search your table in the DB. Check this link might help you get started How to Create a Search Feature with PHP and MySQL

An easier way of doing this and that will also depend on what do you want to include in your DB. So, anything you create in Joomla is actually put inside your DB and you can just create content like articles,tags,categories... all are part of your DB and are searchable through the smart search plugin(not sure what features are included in the built in search plugin but you can aslo try 3rd party search plugins that will give you more search options). And doing this you don't need anything except basic Joomla knowledge.

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