I have just created a new Joomla 3.3.6 website which has always been set to 'offline'. This is because my client doesn't want to launch until a specific date.

I have incorporated 'add this' and 'share this' buttons throughout the website. However when for example I click 'share this on Facebook' the share link doesn't show my site meta info, but my hosting providers.

Eg it should display;

"Music Website - join now for latest news and updates...etc etc"

Instead it displays;

"Web hosting provider JustHost.com - domain hosting.. etc etc"

I have used the Facebook URL Linter as this confirms the above. Seems to be scraping the incorrect info.

My question is how can I update this meta info, do I need to run the URL Linter as soon as I make my website live or is there some other way? I'm not sure how long I will have to wait for the facebook cache to clear.

I can't make the website live until the specified date. I'd rather not have visitors share the incorrect info. Has anybody else encountered this?


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Facebook (and most other portals) does need access to your site to harvest the data. There is no workaround and it's besides the common privacy issues a good thing as it prevents Facebook from flooding with spam content.

What you might can do:

  1. Turn of offline-modus
  2. Block access to your site via htaccess
  3. Allow specific IPs to access your site (your IP, facebook IPs)

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