SO i'm no Joomla expert by any means of the imagination.

My uncle has a website, that runs off Joomla and has this awkward issue.

When accessing the website without a www like so: http://website.com his title reads

<title>Title without www in url</title>

when accessing the website with www like so: http://www.website.com his title reads

<title>Title is different when www is inside the url</title>

Any ideas what's causing this?


In the Joomla backend, go to:

Menus >> Main Menu >> Home (or whatever your homepage menu item is)

Then go to the Page Display tab and you will see a field called Browser Page Title.

Fill this field in with the wording of your choice which should work for domains with and without www

Hope this helps

  • No luck... that's how we've been trying to fix it. – ipixel Feb 20 '15 at 14:21
  • Have any changes been made to the htaccess file? Or do you have any 3rd party extensions being used for your URL management or SEO? – Lodder Feb 20 '15 at 14:29
  • htaccess no, however they might be some SEO done. I can find out in a bit. – ipixel Feb 20 '15 at 14:58
  • So it turned out, there was an SEO extension installed that was overwriting the default <title> settings. THANKS! – ipixel Feb 23 '15 at 17:04

Sounds to me like this title could be generated from your template's index.php file (located in JOOMLAROOT/templates/YOURTEMPLATE/index.php).

To check this, log in to your Joomla admin area, and go to Extensions -> Template Manager.

Locate your default front-end template (#1, marked with a yellow star), and click the template name (#2).

enter image description here

You should now see a list of all your template files. Locate index.php in the list and click to edit the file.

enter image description here

Now look for <title> tags, <title>Title without www in url</title> or similar. There might be a PHP if-else statement to determine if the URL uses www or not. Here's an example on how this might look, but it could be different:

if(preg_match('/www/', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']))
  echo '<title>Title is different when www is inside the url</title>';
  echo '<title>Title without www in url</title>';
  • preg_match() is overkill for this answer. strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'www') !== false) will be best practice. – mickmackusa Nov 30 '18 at 1:00

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