Im using Joomla 3 and need to add a custom layout override for the Newsflash module.

I know the file structure needed to do a layout override but I can't find the folder that has the layouts for the Newsflash module.

Can anyone tell me where to find the Newsflash folder? Thankyou.

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You probably want to override the files in modules/mod_articles_news/tmpl.

Copy the files you want to override to templates/YOURTEMPLATE/html/mod_articles_news/.

The following files can be overridden:

  • _item.php - this is where each item is generated. This file is called by the other files using JModuleHelper::getLayoutPath()
  • default.php - the default module layout.
  • horizontal.php - alternative layout (horizontal...)
  • vertical.php - alternative layout (vertical...)

Alternative layout

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