I got a little annoying issue about joomla tooltips for 'Edit Article' button in frontend showing < br /> tags inside them instead of creating line breaks.

Not sure what's causing this tooltip issue?
This seems to occur on all my joomla sites, included a fresh one running in Protostar template. So I don't know if it's a common issue?

Does anyone know of a fix to solve it so that the tooltip will show correctly.

So that instead of showing:
Published< br />Day, dd-mm-YYYY< br />Written by Author

It is to show like this:
Written by Author

enter image description here


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I believe this is an issue with Joomla itself and not your fault, therefore the best thing to do would be to post an issue on the Github Issue Tracker for the Joomla CMS so it may get fixed in the next update.

Once done, hopefully someone will create a PR for the issue and/or a temporary fix.

  • I guessed it had to be something with Joomla itself, but was hoping someone here knew of a fix for it. I will try posting it on Github as well :)
    – Hammur
    Commented Feb 13, 2015 at 10:18

Add a link to the bootstrap.min.js in the modules default.php and that should fix it. I had the same issue with the .tooltips and this fixed my issue.

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