I'm playing around with the default Protostar template that comes with Joomla 3. I took my online site offline and additionally, installed a local webserver for testing. When I use the default Protostar template, I cannot get the top navigation in horizontal direction. It looks like this:

enter image description here

On my local site, everything works fine. Using Chrome dev tools revealed that on my online site there is a missing class specifier in the navigation menu. The list starts like this:

<ul class="nav menu jmoddiv" data-jmodediturl=...

In my local installation, there is an additinal nav-pills entry there. When I add this (with the dev-tools) nav-pills, the navigation looks fine.

While my local site was a fresh install, my online site was updated from 2.5. I uninstalled the Protostar template of the online site, packed the local template and re-installed it; without success.

Is there anything I'm doing obviously wrong?

Online Joomla information

enter image description here

Local Joomla information

enter image description here

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On your online site, login to the backend, go to the Module Manager and open the Menu module. There will be a field called Module Class Suffix under the Advanced tab. In here, type in :


Make sure there is a space before the value.

Hope this helps

  • Oh man, now I see it. You don't want to know for how long I have compared settings... haven't seen the difference there. Thank you very much.
    – halirutan
    Commented Feb 5, 2015 at 14:32

As Lodder said but it was Menu Class Suffix not Module Class Suffix field that fixed it for me.

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