Back-end is very slow. I just installed J3.0.1 core - no extensions, no templates, no anything extra - just a raw naked Joomla. ... And the back-end is annoyingly slow. Even, the front end is not fast J2.5 is much faster even with dozen of heavy 3rd-party components installed.

Is there anybody else, who is experiencing the same (or I have to look for the reason somewhere else)?

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  • Is this the same system you are running 2.5 on? – Ville Niemi Feb 5 '15 at 11:38

Latest version of Joomla is 3.3.6. Provided you have no other extensions installed, try updating to the latest one.

However, I would like to mention some of the techniques you can apply to speed-up your Joomla site.

  1. Enable Joomla Caching.

Detail information about caching is described here.

  1. Enable Gzip Compression.

On admin menu go to Site > Global Configuration > Server tab, and switch the Gzip Page Compression to YES option.

  1. Optimization of Media files.

Try using minified versions of JS and CSS files. And for images, don’t try to upload big scale pictures, re-size them before uploading.

And the last part I want to mention is, choose a good web host by doing a little research.

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