How to insert custom text to JCE v. using javascript?

I have opened the page source and saw that the editor is an iframe. Text is in <body id="tinymce">.

I was trying something like:


but it doesn't work. Of course, it is executed on domReady.

  • is that element is accessible through $("body#tinymce") selector?? – subashbasnet8 Jan 26 '15 at 10:23

I have found a solution.

var id = "yourTextAreaId";
var tmce_el = tinyMCE.get(id);
if (tmce_el != undefined)
    tmce_el.execCommand('mceSetContent', false, value);
    document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = value;
    document.getElementById(id).value = value;
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  • You may accepted your own answer to mark your isssue resolved. – mickmackusa May 27 '19 at 13:32

I think the better way is to use the Joomla.editors.instances

You will be able to validate that it has the textAreaId loaded and then update with the setValue method.

if (Joomla.editors.instances.hasOwnProperty('yourTextAreaId')) {
} else {
    // do you custom script as fail-safe

I have tested this with codemirror, tinyMCE, none (when no editor is set) and it works very well.

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There is actually a custom button plugin provided by the creators of JCE...


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