When I create custom components and I need to add a menu type to the site part I've always followed the tutorial on how to do this. In other words I create the default.xml in the view and I now can assign my component to a menu. i.e.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

The problem I have is that this also creates a label under Components in the Administrator interface. Because I have so many custom components my Components menu in the Administrator is getting quite long. It is useless for me to have these components listed in the Administrator interface as I have no extra configuration for these components.

Can I still have my components show up as a menu type but NOT have it show up in the Components menu of the Administrator panel?

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No, it's not possible by using the API. But you can always disable menu items manually after installation. The administration panel is in fact just a mod_menu module which shows the administration menu, which is hidden in your menu management.

Another way would be to use a different module or alternative layout for mod_menu to exclude specific items.

Hint: If you want to know what happens during installation, look into

libraries/cms/installer/adapter/component.php - line 1209 and following

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