I'm looking to get tags working inside of an extension. I saw this and have gotten the field to appear in the edit view, but of course it doesn't save anywhere.

Looking at com_content article tag handling, it goes through a thorough mapping exchange before the relationship is complete. So I see it builds the tag-to-content relationship inside of #__contentitem_tag_map. Would I need to make a new table like this in my component specifically for tags or is this just the way com_contant handles it and I can get tags to save into just a column like any other field type?

Would I need to do this for the extension, or is there something I'm not utilizing that would make the process considerably more simple?

Perhaps a "concise adding tags to your extension 101" maybe useful.

I haven't seen anything specifically through any of the docs mentioning tags in this context, but in case it's relevant, I developed this extension using FOF/RAD.

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This should get you going - http://docs.joomla.org/J3.3%3aHow_To_Use_Content_Tags_in_Joomla!

Admittedly it was a little difficult to get going at first, and if you're supporting 2.5 on the same code base there are other challenges (I can link you to commits on a project when I'm not on mobile).


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