I use the FJ Related Articles Plus module to display at the bottom some pages. When I tagged the pages (not all but most of my tags), then the pages are not longer accessible and I have to either remove the tags or the module (the module is called from within the HTML of the article with article anywhere) to access the pages.

This is the error I get when the FJ module and the tags are "activated":

Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/kmxsiksf/rsc/modules/mod_fj_related_plus/helper.php on line 418

I have check the Mysql table of the tags in my database, everything looks fine, there.

These are the lines around line 418 (all the 4 articles are in the same category):

// Check for current category matches
if (self::$params->get('fjmatchCategory') && self::$mainArticle->catid == $row->catid)
    $row->match_list[] = self::$mainArticle->category_title;

The url to the pages are:

Others previous debugging:

  • If I remove the FJ Related Articles Plus module from the article with a blank page then the page is accessible which should means that the module is responsible for the bug BUT:
  • The module works on all the 3 others pages (so the error doesn't come from the module)
  • The direct URL to the article is also not working (so the error doesn't come from the menu item) http://www.rscmovement.org/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=448&lang=en (the SEF url is http://www.rscmovement.org/en/understanding/have-you-read-these-books)
  • If I change the parent of the menu linking to the buggy article the article remains inaccessible (so again the error doesn't come from the menu item)
  • I have copied/past the code from my buggy article inside one of the 3 others working article and it remains accessible (so the error doesn't come from my HTML)
  • If I leave the module in the article and if I change the article category, then the page is accessible (so it's like the problem has something to do with the category, but the category of the buggy article is the same than the category of the 3 other working article)
  • the bug only appears within a specific article, when it's within a specific category

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I finally ended up finding the solution.

The module states that it can handle tags but actually it doesn't. So I had force the module to ignore the tags. For this, I selected Yes to Ignore All Tag, under the Tags options tab,

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