repeatable - How to get values from this field type ?

I am coding a Free module with a repeatable field.

<field name="star_slides" type="Repeatable" icon="list" description="" label="Edit Your Slides" default="{'main_image':[''],'left_side':[''],'right_side':['']}">

For a normal module parameter, I can get value like this

$test         = $params->get('test');

If I do the same for the repeatable field

$test         = $params->get('star_slides');

I get all the values of the main field - Looks like an array output.

How to do this for a repeatable form field and get value of EACH repetition of the field?

For example, in the above case, my goal is to get the value of the field "main_image" for each repetition. I am thinking use "for each" but not sure how to get through and pull the values of each row, each field - one by one.

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Since you are getting data from your call and it's an' array you can do a simple (Working out from the idea that you are working on a developer server / system)

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

This will show you what data you are getting out and you can then check whether it contains your needed data (Which it should.)

You can then use a simple foreach loop to get what you want

foreach($test as $val){
   //Store in another array or do what ever you want with the values

(And if you want the name of the repeated field aswell)

foreach($test as $key => $val){
       //Store in another array or do what ever you want with the values

Or, you should be able to do a simple $test['field'] like a normal array value. Keep in mind you might need to dig a little into the array either by an' additional foreach or making your first foreach start at the secondary array if needed.

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  • "When I echo the contents on a repeatable joomla fieldset, I get the following result: {"Field1":["/demo/slide1.jpg","/demo/slide2.jpg"],"Field2":["Content 1","Content 2"],"Field 3":["Content 3","Content 4"]} Now the above result is obtained by- $params->get('star_slides'); The above is ONLY a partial answer based on what I did so far. My goal is to extract the individual values of the fields Set 1 - Values of the first field set. /demo/slide1.jpg Content 1 Content 3 How can I do this using php?"
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$test = $params->get('star_slides');



obtain a similar array

Array ( [image] => Array ( [0] => images/blog/blog_01.jpg [1] => images/blog/blog_02.jpg [2] => images/blog/blog_03.jpg ) [image_alt] => Array ( [0] => Web Designer [1] => Graphic Designer [2] => Painting Outdoors ) )


foreach ($test['image'] as $k => $v) {
  echo $v; // image
  echo $test['image_alt'][$k]; // etc.


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