I am new to Joomla and learning it. I have a page which I need to assign a module to. I follow the steps in this answer but when I scroll down to assign the module to the page I want it to be assigned it doesn't appear.

The option is selected that it appears only on pages I want it to appear on. Then below that I Menu Selection and four tabs below that that list various pages. The page I am looking to assign the module to doesn't appear in that tab. How do I assign the module to a page? Or how do I make a page appear in one of those tabs so I can assign the module to it?


Joomla is organized around menu items. For instance, if there is only a menu item for content to show articles, then all generated pages to navigate articles are going to have the same menu (Itemid).

To sum up, if you want to assign a module to a specific page, you need a menu item for that page.

  • TIP: You can create a hidden menu, not shown in the site, just to single out a content item.
  • ADVANCED TIP: Once you are familiar with the core organization, you can install a module manager like Advanced Module Manager - NoNumber to assign modules according to several conditions beyond menus.

Just wanted to remind that, it is normally a menu that we assign the module not directly to the page, probably this is why you can not see it at the menus assginment tab.

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