I've been working for joomla CMS for years, and now the project got more complex and its time for me to build custom solution beyond the CMS.

Now, I tried to find books about the Joomla Framework and online courses, but there's none.

I found a tutorial series called Joomla Framework Solutions by Andrew Eddie but the step one (getting started) has problem as the output keep 'telling me':

"Configuration file could not be parsed"

So, is there a dummy guide for Joomla Framework?

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Creating a Stand-alone Application, from Joomla! Documentation

How to develop a web app with Joomla framework, by escope.cz

Project examples


I've pushed a working CRUD example on the intermediate branch of Michael's fork https://github.com/mbabker/framework-app/tree/intermediate

You can clone it, and run

$ php composer.phar install

from the clone's location to install the framework. The above command should take care of creating the configuration file for you. Worst case you can manually create a Config.json file in the /App/Config folder by copying the Config.dist.json

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