I have an issue with k2 sef settings. I want all items to have no category structure, example:

http://example.com/cat1/cat2/item1 -> http://example.com/item1

I found the setting: Prefix for item URLs and it is set to no.

But it still shows the category structure, also i noticed that modules in the item page showing related items have an issue: If I am in the page


showning an item from cat3 the link will still be


and the item also works under the wrong category. I suspect something being wrong with Jroute functionality.

I'm updating this site from 1.5 to Joomla 3 with all newest versions of CMS and extensions.

Any guidance in troubleshooting this issue is highly appriciated!


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Disable SEF, and check the Itemid to find which K2 feature is answering the request

From my experience, to avoid cat levels, you have to define a menu item for each article "Item" (Create a menu item linking directly to an item in K2).

There is no standard way to define all SEF articles to K2 single item feature.


In my experience, the best way to remove categories from your URL, both for K2 and regular Joomla articles, is to use a third-party SEO extension. There are many available at the Joomla Extensions Directory, both free and paid.

Personally I often use sh404sef (paid extension), but I just noticed the free "Direct Alias" plugin that seems to be able to do exactly what you want: remove categories and menu aliases, and leave you with a simple url like "http://example.com/item1".


I ended up installing sh404sef wich did the job out of the box, I think the updating caused some db tables to be corrupted..

Thx for the help all!

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