i'm new to Joomla! but I really like it, i'm working on 'migrating' a website template to Joomla. This is how the template looks like NerdyFuture. It's not finished yet but i planned on finishing it in Joomla, so i want to have the latest news exactly how it is in the template. How can I achieve this?

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The default Joomla module mod_article__latest can be used as the Latest News module. So once you have your articles setup, you will then need to start the styling.

Step 1 is to create a template override for this module. This will allow you to use your own styling for a module without editing any core Joomla files. Here are the steps in simply terms:

  1. In your template folder, create a folder called html and then inside that, create a folder called mod_articles_latest.
  2. Copy this file: modules/mod_articles_latest/tmpl/default.php to your newly created folder.

Now that you have your file copied, you can start editing it accordingly and merging your styling with it.

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