I have used J2Store my for website. All articles are working and add to cart button appears but in "BT content slider" module I have displayed articles in 3 columns and inside articles I just added images with "price" and "add to cart" tags. But the module is showing text instead of buttons.

And secondly how to customize the "Add to cart" button with custom css as i have included my custom css class in J2Store layout option but it's not working, also unable to override the default button with my custom css stylesheet.

P.S. I have inspected the relevant classes of button with firebug and included !important in my css properties. Nothing happened..!!

  • Without any code to refer to, it's unlikely that you'll get any help here, as well, since it's a 3rd party plugin, that's probably the best place to start anyway. :) – GDP Dec 18 '14 at 18:22

Regarding your first question, make sure you enable the "Prepare Content" option in your module. You'll find the setting under the "Options" tab. This will allow plugins to process the contents of the module before output.

Module settings: Prepare content

In order to style the Add to cart button, you should be able to target it with this CSS selector:

input#addtoCartBtn {
   color: red; // Add your CSS style here

Only add !important if necessary. Make sure your custom CSS file is loaded properly.

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