for people that have used Joomla for a while you are probably familiar with RokSprocket - a content module from RocketTheme, very useful.

It has a 'Load More' button, that can load the next bit of articles. I have been struggling, to remove this button, and to make the articles to load automatically as the users scrolls through the page.

Does someone have experience doing this?

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I've never used RokSprocket before but I hope this answer will help you.

Lets say you have the following HTML markup for your button:

<div class="loadmore">Load more</div>

Now rather than actually hiding the element, you make it transparent instead using CSS:

.loadmore {
    opacity: 0;

And as for the auto load, you can trigger a click event once the hidden button is visible in the browser viewport:


    var loadmore = $('.loadmore');

    $(document).on('scroll', function(){
        if (loadmore.visible(true)){


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