I've searched a lot and just found jxct virtuemart product wall, but this module is somehow old (last relaese 2012) and has bugs. I went deep into this module and saw that its uses $calculator->getProductPrices($item -> id); and This code caused getProductPrices no object given query time error. Instead of passing $item->id, I passed $item and solved the aforementioned Error.

But the problem is that the productPrices array contains only basePrice, so this module cannot show other price fields like finalPrice.

I need help to whether solve this module problem, or write simple module to show discounted pro

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I think VM default module is providing this features,

There is a default module called VM Featured Products.

When you check the module manager option you will be able to sort out there is an option to select only Sale products.

I hope you're using VM2.x.

Hope it helps..

  • Discounted Products are different from featured Products, because you can set limited time for discounted products, but I think there is no way to automatically unFeature a product at a specific time. Oct 23, 2014 at 10:10

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