My goal is to highlight a help area the first time a logged in user goes to a specific page. The page has lots of complicated functions and it is a constant source of questions. Ideally this would give the users a readily available source of answers for their questions.

I do not want this to happen every time they log in. Pushing help at users when they don't need it just tends to irritate people.

My compromise is to see if a user have been on the page before and give them additional information if they have not been to that location.

Does anyone know how I would do this? I am looking for either PHP, Javascript or a plugin that would help me accomplish the goal.

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I suggest you use a modal popup, there are several extensions that will display only the first time someone visits the page in question (this is determined by setting a cookie). Add your instructions in your popup, and maybe a link on your page to display the popup again in case the user wants to see the information again.

NoNumber Modals

NoNumber has a nice popup extension called Modals, and it has an option to display popup only once (I think you need the pro version for this):

{modal html=This modal will only show once|openOnce=1}{/modal}

Check out the demo here.

Joomla Content Editor

The Joomla Content Editor also has a function to display a popup only once. Read more here: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/support/tutorials/jcemediabox/item/create-a-media-popup

<a href="/instructions.html" class="jcepopup autopopup-single" type="text/html" id="autopopup"></a>

Other extensions

You can find other extensions at the Joomla Extensions Directory.

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    Thank you johanpw. That was exactly what I was looking for and I also happen to be a Pro subscriber at NoNumber, so that solution works and is available.
    – drobertson
    Commented Sep 3, 2014 at 3:50
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    It really amazes me how the Joomla Stackexchange people are so much more helpful that what I normally find at the Joomla forums. Thankfully this exists now.
    – drobertson
    Commented Sep 3, 2014 at 3:52

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