Joomla includes many built-in filds that can be used in the XML manifest file (Available fields in Joomla XML manifest), but is it possible to use them to build forms for the visitors, in a module or maybe in an article?

For instance, can I add a color picker to a front-end form?

<field name="backgroundcolor" type="color" default="#eee" label="Color selector field" description="TPL_BEEZ3_FIELD_HEADER_BACKGROUND_COLOR_DESC" />

(this is from the xml file, but I would like to implement something similar in an article)

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Yes, with Joomla's JForm, you can use them virtually anywhere - here's a tutorial that might help, and an example to Custom field in a content plugin:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <fields name="params" >
         <fieldset name="params" >

The full example for this code is at How to save Custom Fields in Core components.

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