In my Joomla site my users can upload and download files (docs and pdfs). So I want to create a separate folder for each and every user in my server. When a user register on my website a folder is create in the name of the user. If I delete a user the folder automatically should be deleted? Which file should I edit and how to write the code?

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If you write a small User Plugin, you can use something like this to create the folder.

class PlgUserExample extends JPlugin
    public function onUserAfterSave($user, $isnew, $success, $msg)
        if($isnew) {
            // do something

There is a free module available at JED that can be configured to allow users to upload files to a folder with their username. Take a look at Simple File Upload. I've used it for one project, and it works fine, but at the end it depends on your specific requirements.

From the description:

It includes the following key features:

  • Multiple modules on the same page with different settings
  • "Add Note" to uploaded files
  • Image re-size
  • Automated thumbnail creation for images
  • Image compress for JPEG and PNG
  • Now supports both "User Named Directory" and "User Defined Directory"! (see below)
  • List files in upload directory in pop-up (FancyBox)
  • Multiple files upload
  • Notification e-mail
  • And more...

Other similar extensions might be found at http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/core-enhancements/file-management


You can write a component and define build and parse methods (AKA YOURCOMPONENTBuildRoute and YOURCOMPONENTParseRoute functions) in your component's router.php instead of creating physical directories. Then, you need to create a menu with alias of user or users and link it to your component.

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