is it possible to use the addScript with async="true"?

I found a hack that uses some clever quoting to trick the embed function, but it seems as if this could be a native feature:

$doc->addScript("//myscript.js", 'text/javascript" async="true');

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If you have a look at the Joomla addScript function, it shows the following:

public function addScript($url, $type = "text/javascript", $defer = false, $async = false)
    $this->_scripts[$url]['mime'] = $type;
    $this->_scripts[$url]['defer'] = $defer;
    $this->_scripts[$url]['async'] = $async;

    return $this;

$async is a boolean therefore the following should work for you:

$doc->addScript('//myscript.js', 'text/javascript', false, true);

The false is for $defer and true is for $async

  • - sorry just mistyped
    – webchun
    Aug 31, 2015 at 3:38

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