I want to to insert a tab(inside some input fields and save button) in some top components' add/edit item(or article..) editor so that while adding/editing new item/article in backend, user can add some content like facebook's open graph meta tags and save by clicking save button in the tab for that item.

Then I will End up catching those tag inputs by a plugin to insert FB meta tags when that component's those items loaded at front end.

But don't know how this process will be implemented. So starting with adding that tab in the above add/edit item editor is my primary concern. then i will deal with rest of the process. FYI right now i am trying to add in com_content, com_k2, com_virtuemart components.

So show me light please with details of course.

Edit: ok considering the toughness of adding custom tab in new/edit article page of content components, i am contemplating on pushing open graph meta tags in head of article/item page using plugin. User will include meta info in a {ogtags title=""...} tag in article or anywhere in page and by the plugin i parse it and inject og meta tags for that article page. To serve that purpose which plugin event is proper, onAfterRender() or ?


There's no official API to extend a component. These are some alternatives:


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