I'm maintaining two user groups in front end. They are customer and retailer. There are two menu items for them to login. That means two login sections. Therefore there are two menu items are assigned to same view - login. If there is an error occurred when login to system it redirect first menu item which is assigned to view - login. That means retailer section.

Menu items

  • Retailer login - 106
  • Customer login - 107

It always redirects to retailer login. This happens when we enable Search engine friendly urls only. I want to redirect them specific logins when error occurred.

Is there any solution for handling this kind situation please?



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As the comments say, try the Login Redirect Extensions, but I had the same scenario, and opted to use a plugin called Nomad. What I liked about it (though you may not) is that it doesn't use the typical redirect that most of the similar plugins use, but instead dynamically changes their home page, based on the User Group. The net effect is that visitors have the normal home page, but once a Customer or Retailer logs in, any link to "Home" is now changed to the page of your choosing.

  • Actually my scenario is different. I think I don't explain it well. I'm maintaining two login screens in front end. They are for customers and retailers. I restrict user login for different user groups in user controller(overrrided). But if there any error or redirection happens it goes to retailer login screen. Not for current user group's login screen. I think joomla uses first menu assignment which retailer login menu assignment.
    – cha
    Aug 13, 2014 at 11:48

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