I have just created a J5.1.1 Cassiopeia child template and in that new template added a user.css, as well as a custom index.php, user.js and sundry override files. It mostly displays correctly, as much of my user.css (copied from another non-child custom template) repeats Cassiopeia and bootstrap css. I was expecting to see the main Cassiopeia template.min.css content used on the front end first and then, if there was a relevant piece of code in my child template's user.css file that overrides it, to use that instead, just like it would if I was just using a user.css file in Cassiopeia. But it's not.

What do I need to do to enable the parent - i.e. Cassiopeia - template.min.css? Thanks.

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I found out elsewhere that to get the Cassiopeia template files working as well as your new files in the child template, do this:

  1. Click the 'Create Child Template' button

  2. Select 'Cassiopeia - Default' from the options in 'Additional Template Styles' before clicking the (second) 'Create Child Template' button.

  3. Close Cassiopeia details and files

  4. Go to System > Site Template Styles and you will see two new styles: 'Cassiopeia_template-child-name - Default' and 'Cassiopeia_template-child-name, copy of Cassiopeia - Default'

  5. Select the second one to use Cassiopeia's files as well as your new ones. Any code you create in a 'user.css' or 'user.js' in your child template will overwrite Cassiopeia's as you'd expect.

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