I'm making changes to Atum.

I'm changing the colours and I'm using user.css. I've placed it in:


I initially tried using :root and giving each variable a HEX value which worked.

I then decided it would be more efficient to assign the original variables with a new variable. That way if I wanted to I could restyle things in the future with a more descriptive way of knowing what each colour does.

When I try to reassign the variable such as:

--header-logo-bg: var(--blue--400);

I lose all colours.

Joomla Atum Admin Template with no colours

So then I thought I would try to localise the rule by targeting body instead.

body {
  /* Square Balloon Brand Colours */
  --blue--900: #2d3945;
  --blue--800: #233a5a;
  --blue--700: #54667f;
  --blue--600: #046b8d;
  --blue--400: #00aeff 
  --blue--200: #c3e7f3;

  --pink--200: #fee0dd;
  --pink--500: #f04c5e;
  --pink--600: #d51d4f;

  --yellow--800: #ee5d23;
  --yellow--700: #f9a41e;
  --yellow--400: #f5df99;
  --yellow--300: #f5e7c4;

  --header-logo-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --header-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --sidebarwrapper-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --main-nav-mm-active-bg: var(--blue--900);
  --template-sidebar-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --btn-primary-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --btn-secondary-border: var(--blue--200: #c3e7f3);
  --btn-secondary-color: #fff;
  --btn-secondary-bg: var(--blue--400);
  --btn-secondary-border: var(--blue--900);
  --header-item-content-bg: var(--blue--900);
  --header-item-content-jversion-color: var(--blue--900);
  -main-nav-ul-bg: var(--blue--900);

This also does not work. However if I just use the colour hex's instead of the variables it works fine.

What could I be doing wrong?

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There's a missing semi-colon. Twat. All solved.

Thanks ChatGPT, you're a great friend.

Also a duplicate rule. Good catch CGPT.

  • What was the correct syntax with the colon that you used? Could you include it in your answer for people who may find this in the future.
    – Irata
    May 20 at 23:02

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