I generate a link in a module as follows:

$user->contactAddress = str_replace("//", "/", trim(JUri::base() . $params->get('defaultContactAddress') . '?' . $params->get('parameterName') . '=' . $user->cfid));


JUri::base() is https://mydomain.tld/devel/j4/
$params->get('defaultContactAddress') is "direktkontakt"
$params->get('parameterName') is "cfid"
$user->cfid is 99

The link is properly generated, echo $user->contactAddress; gives https:/mydomain.tld/devel/j4/direktkontakt?cfid=99.

The following is way unexpected:

<a href="<?=$user->contactAddress;?>"><?=$user->contactAddress;?></a>

results in

<a href="https:/mydomain.tld/devel/j4/direktkontakt?cfid=99">https:/mydomain.tld/devel/j4/direktkontakt?cfid=99</a>

BUT all tested browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome) point to


Has anyone any ideas why?

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The str_replace() call breaks the URL by changing https://mydomain.tld to https:/mydomain.tld. The code can be changed in many ways, depending on your use case. You may add validation to defaultContactAddress field to prevent users adding a leading slash in the first place. Or you may trim the leading slash from the value and not from the whole URL:

ltrim($params->get('defaultContactAddress'), '/')

On HTML pages it's generally not necessary to include absolute URLs. So you can use JUri::base(true) to get just the path of your Joomla root which would also avoid the issue.

  • Perfect, thank you! I didn't see the second slash after https was missing.
    – alve89
    Mar 14 at 10:29

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