I have a table named edu2f_jobs_jobs.
This table is received here:

public function getTable($type = 'Job', $prefix = 'Administrator', $config = array())
    return parent::getTable($type, $prefix, $config);

Inside the JobModel there is a piece of code that does this:

// Get a level row instance.
        $table = $this->getTable();
        // Attempt to load the row.
        if ($table && $table->load($id))

            // Check published state.
            if ($published = $this->getState('filter.published'))
                if (isset($table->state) && $table->state != $published)
                    throw new \Exception(Text::_('COM_JOBS_ITEM_NOT_LOADED'), 403);

            // Convert the Table to a clean CMSObject.
            $properties  = $table->getProperties(1);
            $this->_item = ArrayHelper::toObject($properties, CMSObject::class);

        if (empty($this->_item))
            throw new \Exception(Text::_('COM_JOBS_ITEM_NOT_LOADED'), 404);

I get the error because $this->_item is empty.
However I don't know what is causing this or where to look.

Can someone help me with this or why this is happening?

  • As it hasn't been mentioned, have you created the Table/JobTable.php file? Mar 16 at 13:15
  • No, I just did and its working now thanks!
    – Jelle
    Apr 3 at 13:19


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