I’ve been using the J4 REST API for a while to create articles from form data through the Webhook feature of the Convert Forms extension. It works great for both standard article fields and for custom fields.

Now I’m attempting to set an Intro Image for these articles, and I have not been able to get it to work.

I have not been able to get this to work using Postman either. I tried passing JSON with the key “images” as part of the body JSON for a POST:

    "alias": "my-article3",
    "articletext": "My text",
    "catid": 54,
    "language": "*",
    "metadesc": "",
    "metakey": "",
    "images": { "image_intro": "https://www.zzz.org/images/portraits/staff/Jeff.jpeg", "image_intro_alt": "Jeff portrait"},
    "title": "Here's an article"

But that doesn’t work either. The article gets created, but no image settings come through.

Do you have any suggestions for how to make this work? I have not been able to find a working example anywhere.

  • Have you tried adding an image without the "image_intro_alt": "Jeff portrait" portion?
    – Irata
    Jan 28 at 10:05
  • Good thought. Just tried it, but no go. Jan 29 at 17:43


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