I want to embed existing modules into the content of my custom component. I thought I could simply use {loadmoduleid 123} within the text of my component record and on display of this record, the module would be displayed. Alas this didn't work despite having the Content - Load Module plugin enabled. Does this mean I have to create my own loadmodule plugin for my component? Or is there a way to utilise the core plugin, if so how. Any and all advice/guidance appreciated.

Edit: So for some further clarification, my component has fields (title, description) in the record and I want my component to display the description which may or may not contain within the text {loadmoduleid 123} which is generally positioned somewhere in the HTML text.

So in my code I would generally just display the field contents:

<?php echo $this->item->description; ?>

and if the contents of the {loadmoduleid 123} and module_id 123 was a custom HTML module with just an image, then the output should be something like:

<p>Blah blah blah . . . <img src="images/testimage.jpg" alt="Test Image" /> blah blah blah.</p>


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