I'm trying to run the original Joomla Cypress tests here:

After Joomla gets successfully installed I always get this message when the next test starts:

CypressError: This session already exists. You may not create a new session with a previously used identifier. If you want to create a new session with a different setup function, please call `cy.session()` with a unique identifier other than **["admin","adminadminadmin","back"]**.

      at Context.session (
      at wrapped (
  From Your Spec Code:
          at Context.eval(webpack:///./tests/System/support/commands.js:57:12)

I'm using the same Helper Functions Joomla uses for Backend Login:

This is the command Joomla uses for picking up the session:

Cypress.Commands.overwrite('doAdministratorLogin', (originalFn, username, password, useSnapshot = true) => {
  // Ensure there are valid credentials
  const user = username ?? Cypress.env('username');
  const pw = password ?? Cypress.env('password');

  // Do normal login when no snapshot should be used
  if (!useSnapshot) {
    // Clear the session data

    // Call the normal function
    return originalFn(user, pw);

  // Do login through the session
  return cy.session([user, pw, 'back'], () => originalFn(user, pw), { cacheAcrossSpecs: true });

So i minimized everything like seen here:

describe('First Admin Login', () => {
    it('First Admin Login', () => {
        cy.doAdministratorLogin('admin', 'adminadminadmin', false);
    it('Second Admin Login (session based)', () => {

The second admin login always fails like described above.


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